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14 02 15storytelling 00003One cold morning a lonely boy wishes for something to do. His animal friends are hibernating, and he has nobody to play with, even all the birds have flown south.
So he steps out with his faithful dog and the last thing he expects is to make ... morea new friend, Jack Frost ... and to discover how enchanting winter can be!
What little child wouldn't want to spend the whole winter playing with Jack Frost, skating on ice, building snowmen and having snowball fights?

The two friends play together all winter long but Jack tells the boy to never mention anything warm, otherwise he will be forced to leave.
The little boy's sudden discovery of a single, spring snowdrop breaks Jack's magical spell upon the land. It is almost spring and Jack Frost disappears with the wind leaving the boy alone once more, but with a promise to return the following winter:
"But in the wind that went through the woods, the boy was sure he heard a whisper... See you next winter!"

A sweet and heart-warming tale of a spontaneous friendship illustrated effectively by Kazuno Kohara.

Born and grown up in Japan, the author moved to the U.K. as a student. She lives in London. She is the author also of The Midnight Library and Ghosts in the House, a New York Times Best Illustrated Book for 2008.

In Here comes Jack Frost, once more, the author strikes the reader with simple but stunning linocut illustrations, in tones of blue and white this time, to portray a crisp, cool winter wonderland for the two friends to play in.
The lab naturally follows the idea of the lino cut pictures: the children have been asked to "draw" their favourite part of the story using a toothpick to be scratched on a white cardboard. The cardboard was pre-covered with wax and with blue tempera to create the landscape of each child's picture. The name's badge is enriched by snowflakes painted using cotton buds soaked in bleach.

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