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art max labo 01storytelling lab logoArt and Max are friends. Art (Arthur) is a big lizard with three assistants and Max is a skinny little reptile. Art and Max share an interest in painting: Arthur is an accomplished painter, while Max is a beginner.

Max wants to paint just like Art, and the grumpy elder agrees, informing his friend “Just don’t get in the way.” When Max asks what he can paint, Art suggests himself. Unfortunately for him, Max takes this advice literally and Max finds himself covered in oils, turned into pastels, and eventually nothing more than a mere outline of his former self.

art max labo 02art max labo 03Although Max is inexperienced, he's courageous and a quick learner and his energy and enthusiasm bring the adventure to its triumphant conclusion.
By the end Art has come around to Max’s exuberance and the two decide to paint together.

Max makes a portrait. Art throws paints at a cactus.

An absolute jewel, the story by David Wiesner is filled from top to bottom with detailed, colorful, illustrations that tell a tale about the wisdom that can be gained from those who you assume cannot teach you much more than you already know.
Beginners everywhere will take heart!

Our little “beginners” enjoyed so much the Lab: a desert is the base to create their personal landscape and their puppet Max and puppet Art. The cactus is there, waiting to be painted in the most colourful manner.


Prossimo appuntamento con Storytelling + Lab in english sabato 7 maggio: ore 15.00-16.00 per bambini 7-11 anni, ore 16.15-17.15 per bambini 4-6 anni.


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