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2015 ottobre storytelling 000032015 ottobre storytelling 00002Birt and Etho have a special friendship, together they spend their days playing on their beloved Sudden Hill. With two large cardboard boxes, they can be anything: pirates, kings, soldiers or astronauts. Then one day, a boy called Shu arrives with another cardboard box and suddenly, two becomes three. Etho is happy to welcome him, but Birt is not so keen to begin with. Eaten up with jealousy, he goes home and refuses to come out to play. But Etho and Shu have a plan to get Birt to come and play with them! On Sudden Hill is a wonderful short story about friendship and learning to share with others. The story is very charming and true to life as you do find that a little jealousy and upset can happen when a group dynamic changes but this story shows that just because something has changed it doesn't mean that it is necessarily a bad change.

The illustrations are astonishingly marvelous and include large page-filled scenes as well as smaller vignettes. There is much to be admired-small details like the buttercups, swallows and flying insects and background characters like the curious bunny rabbit, the toy robot or the farmyard hens.

The creative feedback from this incredible story of friendship and childlike imagination was a pop up lab: an ideal and personal Monster Creature Box Thing to play at home with.

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