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003story004laboLittle Wizard is a lovely story about the importance of friendship and practice.

Poor Little Wizard, if only he could fly…
He’s the only one who can’t fly and none of the other wizards will be his friend.
But one day, while he is walking sadly in the forest, Little Wizard meets a dragon in the woods, and he discovers that friendship can be found in the most surprising of places, and that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

A touching story about the power of friendship and self-belief from the CILIP Kate Greenaway-nominated creator of The Haunted House and Jack Frost, Kazuno Kohara, born in Japan.
Once more, the author strikes the reader with simple but stunning linocut illustrations, in tones of purple, black and green this time, to portray the landscape of this tale of magic.

And what if each of us could have a personal wizard’s hat and a fantastic magic wand made of a real branch to bring home and see our own dreams come true?
No sooner said than done!


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